Key events

Key events of and after the reporting period

Through its subsidiary Ansaldo STS España, Ansaldo STS group won a contract during the period for the maintenance of the railway traffic control and signalling and associated systems for the Madrid-Puigverd de Lleida high-speed line.
The 495 km line connects Madrid and Barcelona with the French border. The approximately €27 million contract comprises the maintenance of the signalling (level 1 and 2 ERTMS) and security systems being developed for this line.

At the beginning of April 2013, the Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF) awarded the project to design and supply the railway signalling centre, telecommunications and traffic control for the 183 km high-speed line that will connect Tangiers and Kenitra (along the Atlantic coast) to the consortium comprising Ansaldo STS France S.A.S. and Cofely Ineo. The total contract is worth €120 million, of which approximately €58 million pertains to Ansaldo STS group.
The consortium leader, Ansaldo STS group, will perform all stages of the signalling implementation, from design to integration and roll out, supply the telecommunications equipment, next generation safety interlocking, track circuits, automatic controls and automatic train protection systems based on level 1 and 2 ERTMS, as well as the traffic control centre located in Rabat. These technologies have already been rolled out or are under development in France.
Cofely Ineo, a leading railway signalling solutions operator, will supply the ground control equipment and provide the electrical power supply and related cable networks. Its engineering department will supply the execution plans required for the installation of critical and complex systems. The complete system will enable the safe and reliable commercial operation of the new line at speeds of up to 320 km/h.

In June 2013, Ansaldo STS group won a contract to implement ERTMS signalling technologies on the new line linking Oued Tlelat to Tlemcen (Algeria). The consortium, which is made up of Condotte d’Acqua and Rizzani de Eccher (Italian companies operating in the field of civil works), appointed Ansaldo STS group to design, supply, install and roll-out ERTMS signalling systems, including all necessary equipment, of the new 130-km line linking Oued Tlelat to Tlemcen, in North West Algeria. The contract totals €40 million and has an estimated term of two and a half years. This project is part of a national plan to develop infrastructure and upgrade the railway networks of the country from east to west. As part of the contract, Ansaldo STS group will cover all the implementation stages of both ERTMS (levels 1 and 2) and the traditional signalling system along the tracks, bringing mixed traffic on the new line, where both passenger and goods train circulate. In addition to the signalling systems along the tracks, Ansaldo STS group will equip the Orano-based Traffic Control Centre and 15 trains. The entire system will ensure safe and reliable operations with a speed of up to 220 km/h.

Again in June 2013, Ansaldo STS group won a €13 million contract for the implementation of the level 2 ERTMS signalling technology on the new high-speed line linking Tours to Bordeaux (S.E.A line) in France. The new contract, which was assigned to Ansaldo STS group by Cofely Ineo (GDF Suez Group), together with Systra, is worth €13 million and includes an option for an additional €4.9 million. This contract follows the agreement signed in 2011 which appointed Ansaldo STS group with the provision of the entire signalling system for the new high-speed S.E.A. line. It covers the design, supply, testing and roll-out of the entire level 2 ERTMS technology, which will flank the traditional signalling system. Once completed, this project will ensure safe and reliable operations with a speed of up to 320 km/h, along the 343 km-long new line. Together with the projects in Eastern Europe and those for the high-speed railway in the Loire Valley, this project confirms Ansaldo STS’s leading position in level 2 ERTMS systems in France. Ansaldo STS’s global leadership in the railway and mass transport sector continues to grow, conforming its ability in implementing projects from scratch or updating existing networks, with respect to both signalling systems and turn-key programmes.

On 15 July 2013, as approved by the board of directors on 29 May 2013, the company carried out the fourth instalment of the bonus issue approved by the shareholders in their extraordinary meeting of 23 April 2010.
Following the issue of this fourth instalment, the company’s share capital now equals €90,000,000, comprising 180,000,000 ordinary shares of a nominal amount of €0.50 each.       

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