Human resources and organisation

On 6 May 2013, Luigi Calabria replaced Alessandro Pansa as Chairman of the board of directors of Ansaldo STS S.p.A.. Consequently, as of this date, the following people are in charge:

  • Chairman of the board of directors: Luigi Calabria;
  • Deputy chairman of the board of directors: Giancarlo Grasso;
  • Chief executive officer: Sergio De Luca.

In its meeting of 25 March 2013, the board of directors unanimously approved to modify the group’s first-level organisational structure, specifically, transferring the responsibility for the ASTS External Relations from the Chief executive officer to the company’s Investor Relator, Andrea Razeto. The new department was renamed Investor & External Relations. Later on, during the board of directors’ meeting of 29 May 2013, the Chief executive officer noted that the Investor Relations had been placed under the responsibility of Roberto Corsanego, who reports directly to the CFO. Consequently, as of 30 May 2013, the “Investor and External Relations” department, which reports to the CFO Unit, is broken down into the two following units:

  • Investor Relations;
  • External Communications.

On the same date, the following responsibilities were assigned: Roberto Corsanego, who maintains interim responsibility for the Group Planning & Reporting unit, became responsible for the Investor Relations unit, while Andrea Razeto remained in charge of the External Communications unit. Both units report to the CFO.

Ansaldo STS’s first-level organisational structure is therefore as follows:

  • Reporting to the CEO, Sergio De Luca:
    • Signalling business unit: Emmanuel Viollet;
    • Transportation Solutions business unit: Sergio De Luca, ad interim;
    • Standard Platforms & Products business unit: Giuseppe Gaudiello;
    • Innovation & Competitiveness: Giovanni Bocchetti;
    • Legal Business Affairs & Litigation: Filippo Corsi;
    • Corporate Affairs & Group Insurances: Grazia Guazzi;
    • Chief Financial Officer: Christian Andi;
    • Human Resources: Stefano Palmieri;
    • Risk Management: Roberto Passalacqua;
    • HSE & Facility Management: Giuseppe Spezzi;
    • Security: Giovanni Rapiti;
    • Strategy, Quality & Improvement: Marco Fumagalli.
  • Reporting to the chairman of the board of directors: - Internal Audit: Mauro Giganti.

The board of directors unanimously approved Ansaldo STS group’s 2012 sustainability report on 25 March 2013.

In its meeting of 29 May 2013, the board of directors unanimously acknowledged the retirement of Pino Merenda, revoking his position as the company’s Technical Director.          

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