Signalling business unit

New orders for the six months ended 30 June 2013 approximated €282 million (€454 million for the six months ended 30 June 2012).

Key events of the reporting period are described below.


New orders totalled €40 million and mainly relate to the maintenance and upgrade (over €20 million) of ATCS (Automatic Train Control System) lines (€11 million) and SCC (wayside systems) and ACC (central automated systems) plants (€7 million).
Sales activities include those related to the upgrade of the railway traffic signalling and control system for the Rome junction, as well as those related to the completion of important order variations to upgrade the Turin-Padua line.


Ansaldo STS group won a two-year contract in Spain for the maintenance of the railway traffic control, level 1 and 2 ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) signalling and associated systems for the Madrid-Puigverd de Lleida high-speed line (495 kms connecting Madrid and Barcelona with the French border), approximating €27 million.

In France, new orders exceeded €41 million, including approximately €30 million relating to the upgrade of high-speed lines including the LGV SEA - Sud Europe Atlantique from Paris to Bordeaux (€13 million) and the LGV East - from Paris to Alsace (€5 million), in addition to the upgrade of new software functionalities “Thalys Evolutions logiciel V8.1” (€6 million). Other significant orders related to the sale of components, services and maintenance of €11 million.

In the United Kingdom, new orders exceeded €3 million, half of which relate to components and maintenance activities for existing railway lines.

In Germany a significant order was won (€6 million) for the development of new software functionalities for the signalling equipment installed on the Velaro trains.

In Sweden, order variations approximated €17 million and related to the ESTER contract (approximately €8 million) and power supply systems and the wi-fi and UPS communication networks (about €7 million) for the Stockholm metro “Red Line”.

In Turkey new orders exceeded €17 million and related to the implementation of line variations already underway.


In the USA, new orders approximated €49 million, including €34 million for the sale of components, services and maintenance and roughly €16 million for a range of activities in the metro sector, including over €5 million in Los Angeles and a further €4 million in New York City (PATH - Port Authority Trans Hudson, the metro connecting Manhattan and New Jersey). Other important results were achieved in Brazil, with approximately €3 million related to order variations on Lines A and F of the Sao Paolo metro.


A contract was won in June worth approximately €40 million for the design, supply, installation and roll-out of the ERTMS signalling systems for the new 130 km-line connecting Oued Tlelat and Tlemcen in North West Algeria.
With respect to the main commercial activities, at the beginning of April, Morocco’s Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF) awarded the project to design and supply the railway signalling centre, telecommunications and traffic control for the 183 km high-speed line that will connect the cities of Tangiers and Kenitra along the Atlantic coast to the consortium comprising Ansaldo STS France and Cofely Ineo.Ansaldo STS group will supply the telecommunications equipment, next generation interlocking, track circuits, automatic controls and automatic train protection systems based on level 1 and 2 ERTMS, as well as the traffic control centre located in Rabat. The complete system will enable the safe and reliable commercial operation of the new line, at speeds of up to 320 km/h. The total contract is worth €120 million, of which some €58 million pertains to the Ansaldo STS group.


In the first half of 2013, a new order won in Australia approximated €4 million for the upgrade of a line for mining materials traffic in the Caval Ridge area. New orders in India approximated €4 million, related to upgrading activities on several signalling systems of the busy Indian railway network.

Finally, new orders won in China totalled €9 million, of which approximately €3 million related to engineering services on the XiBao highspeed line and another €4 million to the Chengdu Line 1 South extension featuring CBTC (Communication based train control) technology. Commercial activities are still underway to acquire other CBTC contracts, specifically those related to lines 1 and 2 of the Dalian metro.

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