Consolidated Income statement

Income statement

  For the fi rst six months of
Reclassified income statement (€’000) 2013 2012
Revenue 583,398 568,486
Purchases and personnel expense (*)
 (527,852)  (519,128)
Amortisation, depreciation and impairment losses
 (7,878)  (11,226)
Other net operating income (**)
 3,411  10,984
Change in work-in-progress, semi-finished products and finished goods  1,913  4,387
Adjusted EBIT
 52,992  53,503
Restructuring costs
 (401)  (2,919)
Operating profit (EBIT)
 52,591  50,584
Net financial expense
 (3,141)  (2,485)
Income taxes  (17,175)  (18,431)
Profit for the period before non-current assets held for sale
 32,275  29,668
Non-current assets held for sale
 92  - 
Profit for the year/period
 32,367  29,668
attributable to the owners of the parent
 32,359  29,792
attributable to non-controlling interests
 8  (124)
Earnings per share
Basic and diluted
 0.20  0.19^
^ Recalculated following the bonus issue of 9 July 2012. Notes to the reconciliation between the reclassifi ed income statement and the income statement included in the consolidated fi nancial statements: (*) Includes the captions “Purchases”, “Services”, “Personnel expense” (net of restructuring costs) and “Accrual to (use of) the provision for expected losses to complete contracts, net of “Internal work capitalised”. (**) Includes the net amount of “Other operating income” and “Other operating expense” (net of restructuring cost, impairment losses and accruals to (use of) the provision for expected losses to complete contracts).

Adjusted EBIT (€52,992 thousand) is slightly down (€511 thousand) on the same period of the previous year. The decrease in restructuring costs and taxes, together with an overall increase in financial expense, generated a difference in the profit for the reporting period and the corresponding period of the previous year, which is up by €2,699 thousand.

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